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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hop: A Criticism

My sister-in-law had been planning to take the kids to go see the movie "Hop", about the (I'm assuming) a way ward Easter Bunny who can poop jelly beans.  As a Christian Dad, I could think of several better ways to spend money on my kids rather than to take them to a movie that would further distort the meaning of Easter.  It's bad enough that we have people calling it "Zombie Jesus Day" complete within internet memes and t-shirts.  Numerous were the commercials these Easter season encouraging women to make sure they have the right shoes on when they plan the perfect day out with the kids and grandpa hunting for Easter Eggs.  Afterall, you have to look good in front of your lady friends or better yet, the potential competition.
Is this what it has come down to?  A competition between the Lord and the internet, fighting for the truth?  A competition between the Lord and movies, fighting for the truth?  Or does the Lord really want us to think that having the right shoes will help us walk the path to salvation?  Well, actually yes, having the right shoes will help us walk that path, but you won't find them in department stores.  You will find them at your local Christian store, your church, and among your family as you teach them what the real meaning of Easter is. 


Joe said...

As a Christian Dad, I was also dismayed by the fact that my church gave my children little eggs filled with chocolate or toys. When did Freakin' easter turn into another marketing holiday?

Dakkoth said...

I can understand if people are trying to candy coat it for the kids, which is how a lot of this probably started, but my 4 & 6 year old understand (even if it is just a basic understanding) what Easter is supposed to be. The marketing has gotten out of hand, and I think Hop is a pinnacle of the out of control marketing.
I know I would certainly be dismayed by the church handing out Easter Eggs, dismayed enough to where I'd walk out.