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Friday, April 1, 2011

Ascension: 2nd Edition and Kindle Format

It's hard to believe its been over 7 years since the 1st edition of Ascension was published.  7 years of really just letting the book languish under contract to PublishAmerica.  That contract came to an end recently, allowing me the freedom to bring the book back in 2nd Edition format as well as Kindle edition.  Of course, PA started offering Kindle formats, but Lord knows what royalties they'd offer.  I could have gone Kindle format, but to do that, I would have had to by books.  I got tired of their crap after a while, asked to be taken off their spamming list and allowed my contract to expire.  I had the option to buy out my contract, but $99 seemed a little like extortion.  I chose patience.

I didn't really start writing tonight to bitch about my former publisher.  I wanted to plug Ascension.  It's not out in 2nd Edition and Kindle formats and I got the proof for the print copy today!  I was totally amazed by Amazon's CreateSpace service.  The book looks fabulous, the cover art (though I created it) was spot-on, and it looks like a BOOK and not some wimpy little... book that PA put out.  Sorry, bitching again.

Oh... the Kindle Edition looks great too!  I was concerned (at first) about how it would look, would it be readable and so on, but after my wife showed me the copy she put on her Droid X, my fears were eased and I am really a happy camper.

Up next is Avenging Angel.  The book is in fact written, I just need to re-read it, make some edits and changes and then go for it.  I'd say look for it to be released in the next three months or so.

Stay Frosty!!!

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