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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Obama: Homegrown?

Palin and Trump have both pushed the matter of Obama's citizenship, Hillary Clinton demanded Obama prove his citizenship, and a 2004 AP article opened by addressing then Sentorial candidate Barak Obama as 'Kenyen born'.  A man who has nothing to hide would come clean, right?  Obama, both as presidential candidate and as a sitting president has blocked (with lawyers) all attempts to have any light shed on truth, no matter what the truth is.
Now, what this blog entry is not is an attempt to jump on the birther bandwagon.  It is more of an appeal to worry about other issues.  I firmly believe that we will not know the truth until after Obama is out of office and this birther controversy is something that I see as having the potential to last decades, as has been the case with the conspiracy theories surrounding the JFK assassination.
So basically, my appeal to my fellow Americans is this:  The birther controversy is really going nowhere.  What we need to focus is on the issues:  high gas prices, unemployment, national debt, taxes.  These are only a few of the many things that trouble this country.  We need a person who can lead, who can guide us out of the mess we're in and who is willing to put aside party politics and agendas in order to get the job done.  Obama has neither shown the ability or willingness to do this so far, and I hold little hopes that he will do so in the remaining months of his first term in office.  He's already hit the campaign trail and any politician that spend so much time campaigning is a politician who is not spending enough time doing the job that the politician was elected to do.

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