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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Busy Day Today, Tomorrow Looks The Same

Over the last few days, I've been working with Kelly IT services on a potential job working with Joomla out in Oswego, IL.  I'm not sure what the job entails, but they've asked me to come in to the recruiter's office tomorrow for a face-to-face screening prior to putting may name and quals in front of the client.  The job could pay up to $25 and hour.  The only downside to this is that Oswego is quite a haul at an hour's drive.
Also, Ashley Ellis, another IT staffing firm, called today to arrange for a phone screening tomorrow afternoon.  I had applied last night for a position which the recruiter said had closed, however they have other positions that I could be a fit for so they want to learn more about me.
Today was supposed to be a relatively relaxing day.  Amy took the kids to her mom's, as her mom offered to give me a day off.  I had originally planned to spend the day working on Avenging Angel, but it started with trading emails with Kelly IT including a phone call to make arrangements.  After that, I spent some time on the phone with fellow author and my good friend Lakisha Spletzer.  We went over some ideas on how to tie in The Alliance Chronicles to some of her books.  It looks like we may set up a collaboration of some kind for "The Sword of Draesoneth" as I'm considering including werewolves in the story.
After talking with her, I chatted with Joe from Gotham's Finest.  There were some concerns about the organization and structure of the group which needed to be discussed.  By the time all of that was said and done, it was past lunch time.  Over lunch, I relaxed and read more of President George W. Bush's book "Decision Points", which has been a wonderful read so far.  While I've read biographies in the past (namely John Madden's "Hey Wait A Minute, I Wrote A Book, Maj. Greg Boyington' biography and another book called "Chicken Hawk" which was about a chopper pilot's experiences in Vietnam"), Pres. Bush's book is the first presidential memoir I've read and really gives some great insights on his time in office and what led up to his run for president.
I squeezed in some time playing Mass Effect, and before leaving to pick up the kids, I recieved the call from Ashely Ellis.  So yes, it's been a very busy day.  I can say that my clothes are at least ready for tomorrow.  I just need to pick out a decent tie to wear.

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