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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Unemployment Extension Standoff, Day 36: Blaming The Unemployed

Gee, I'm to blame for being unemployed? Let's see, the plant I was working at filed for bankruptcy protection, laid me off two month, asked me to come back, kept me on until the end of Oct. 09 when I contract expired and said they jut couldn't afford to rehire me and there was no ability to negotiate. So how, Mr. Senator, is this my fault? I've been out of work since then, unable to find a job anywhere in miserable state of Illinois because my the bottom has fallen out in my field because no one is hiring drafters. This is my fault? Ok, sure, it's my fault for picking a field 12 years ago that I thought would make me an honest living that would support my family. Silly me for believing that. Tel you what Mr. Senator, I'll see you on in the unemployment line this November when I decide to vote you out of office.
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