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Monday, November 23, 2009

Ok, eeewwww!

Sunday, the wife and i spent the day at an Autism seminar at Governor's State University. There were several notable 'authorities' Autism research and treatment, even though the keynote speaker for the day was some quack who was pushing the misconceived notion that Autism is caused by immunizations...

...funny, my son was autistic before he got any immunizations.

Anyroads, as we waded through the crowds of people (which nearly brought on a claustrophobic panic attack for yours truly), we began to realize that several of the exhibitors were pushing alternative treatments such as the Gluetin Free & Casein Free Diets. It is believed by some that gluetin and casein introduce bio-toxins in to the body which could contribute to autism. So what's the answer? Cut out gluetin and casein. Problem is that now you're also cutting out the several vital nutrients that kids need. Not to worry though, there are several vendors on hand ready to sell the dietary supplements that will help the kids on the GF/CF diet. Of course, they could get their daily nutrition from eating normally and letting the body filter out toxins like it's supposed to.

Fast-forward to this morning. My wife and I were sorting through the swag bags to see what was given to us. It was almost like Halloween with all the candies and bags of edible goodies the vendors tossed in. However, we started to look at the edibles and looked over materials that they provided and realized that some of the candy was packed with a lot of different stuff. One of the lollipops had vitamin M-B12 in it, others had fish oils. One treat bar we deemed was safe enough for the kids to try. Devin, my autistic son, tried it. Mama asked him what it tasted like and he replied "It doesn't taste like anything", then spit it out. My daughter tried a piece as well and spit it out. I tried a piece and while it didn't taste like anything at first, it had an aftertaste that was so bad that if a horse's ass had a taste, this would be it.

So the moral of the story: If you have a child who is autistic and you think that a GF/CF diet may be for your child, check with your family doctor or the diagnosing doctor prior to placing your child on a specialized diet.

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Rachel G said...

so true. My boys are in the spectrum. We try to give them a "diet" of reduced additives/preservatives and colors and increas their intake of more natural foods. I believe everything in moderation! And I think that if PPL looked back they would see the signs of autisim in infancy, But it's just not till about age 2 that it's most noticable due to the development (or lack of) speach and motor skills. But you know, if you are in denial you gotta blame someone right?